Mens PL1 Round 7 Golden Boot

Heres the lasted Golden Boot standings for the Mens PL1 after 7 rounds of competition:

Reserve Grade

Arash Jafarzadeh 8 Baulkham Hills
Mohammad Mohammadi 7 Baulkham Hills
Michael French 6 Caste Hill United
Alexander Steinkamp 5 Kenthurst
Daniel Stowes 5 Glenhaven
Matthew Reitano 5 Winston Hills
Mujtaba Adeli 5 Kellyville Kolts


First Grade

Eran Underwood 5 Norwest
Reece Iredale 5 Kellyville Kolts
Jordan Bonello 4 Kenthurst
Matt Planinic 4 Baulkham Hills
Matthew Leroy 4 Kenthurst
Mitchell McComasky 4 Castle Hill United
Steve Watkins 4 Glenhaven
Zachary Propst 4 North Rocks