Female Football Week (6th-15th May)

Female Football Week is a yearly initiative to celebrate and acknowledge women’s football across all levels and areas of the game. During the Female Football Week campaign (6th-15th May), Hills Football will not only be celebrating our female members but also acknowledging the key roles and contributions across our Association.

Member Clubs will be activating during the 6th-15th May and HFI will also be running some key events during this campaign.

You can find a full calendar below:

Female Coaches Network – Meeting 22nd May https://forms.gle/Qv32QTkyeUW8pjhe6dan.sheppard@hillsfootball.com.au
Female Instructing Referees 6th MayTBAchris.codling@hillsfootball.com.au
Female Referee Network Launch9th Mayhttps://form.jotform.com/221088655115859chris.codling@hillsfootball.com.au
Female Only Level 4 Referee Course10th Mayhttp://education-ffa.sportingpulse.com/Entry/?EID=25248chris.codling@hillsfootball.com.au
Female Coaches Network – Meeting 3 (model session observation) 10th May https://forms.gle/Qv32QTkyeUW8pjhe6dan.sheppard@hills football.com.au
Female Only MiniRoos Certificate31st Mayhttps://education-ffa.sportingpulse.com/Entry/?EID=25223dan.sheppard@hills football.com.au
Female Only Skill Training Certificate7th Junehttp://education-ffa.sportingpulse.com/Entry/?EID=25224dan.sheppard@hills football.com.au